The Plan

The Historical Basketball League wants to be completely transparent about our ideals and our philosophy, and we want to here from you about what you want to see in our league. Below is our mission statement and a copy of our business plan for you to gain a better understanding of what we hope to accomplish.

Our Mission

The League mission is to create a thriving, commercial basketball league focused on improving the educational and career opportunities for African Americans.  We also have the goal of changing the landscape of collegiate athletics by providing college athletes with the ability to receive educational opportunities without acquiescing to a collective agreement to provide payment for their athletic abilities.

The HBCU ideal is focused on similar goals – the educational and life-long career advancement of African Americans.  As just one example, the Howard University Mission Statement includes these Core Values:

  1. Excellence
  2. Leadership
  3. Service
  4. Truth

The HBCU League will aim to abide by these values, especially service and truth.  We believe that waking the American public to the exploitation inherent in “amateurism” can lead to a win-win for HBCUs – making money for themselves and their students.  Ideally, the HBCU League will do well while doing good.