The Historically Black League is coming to South By Southwest!

The HBL is excited to announce that our panel, The Death of Amateurism, was selected to participate in SXSW in March 2018! The panel will feature HBL co-founder Andy Schwarz, award-winning journalist and University of Texas sports and media fellow Patrick Hruby, Michigan Fab Five star Ray Jackson and ESPNW’s Kavitha Davidson, who will suggest how amateurism has failed black athletes and how the HBL plans to change that. The SXSW site has more: A defining premise of the NCAA is that amateurism—that athletes are unpaid students—is an essential part of the appeal of college athletics. The upstart Historical Basketball […]

HBL statement on the FBI investigation and Title IX

The Historical Basketball League (HBL) is a college basketball league that intends to begin play in the summer of 2019 with teams comprised of students at great historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).  The HBL is committed to the idea that high-quality basketball played by full-time college students is an appealing commercial product that also provides tremendous educational opportunity to athletes.  In contrast with other college sports associations, the HBL is strongly opposed to the concept of “amateurism” and we intend to pay our athletes for their names/images/likenesses and for their playing service, with a salary in addition to a […]