Partner With Us

We have a number of exciting partnership opportunities for investors, events and media companies looking to get in on the ground floor with an exciting, new product. Email Bijan Bayne ( to get in touch about opportunities.

Your Benefit

Partnership or event hosting with The Historical Basketball League helps establish your organization or association as an entity concerned with both education and institutional preservation. There are opportunities for your staff to volunteer, co-host, consider interns, reach new media outlets, and learn the story of our nation’s traditionally Black universities. Our members and affiliates are available to assist you every step of the way. The relationship is a win-win for you, your clientele, brand footprint, and the community. Sports and scholastic history foster pride in a way few things can. Affiliation creates avenues for innovative strategies to boost the viability and quality of student life at these colleges. 

Our Future

The HBL will address the struggle for college athletes rights as part of a broader human rights movement of which they are already a part. The coalition will offer a rare blend of college brand value, rich tradition, an atmosphere of campus pageantry, and basketball excellence. This brand will be available to consumers across their preferred media platforms. As witnessed by the tie between visibility and the national profile of the basketball programs universities such as Georgetown, George Mason, Florida Gulf Coast and Gonzaga are tied to, The HBL will be a boon to enrollment, endowment, corporate partnership, and otherwise positively influence student, faculty, administration and alumni life. We will work with university presidents and student leaders to maximize new potential. 

All the aforementioned benefitpresenchance for your organization to participate in the development of youth and the preservation of history. Millions are familiar with the tradition via entertainment vehicles such as Drumline, School Daze, A Different World, the ESPN documentary Black Magic, or Greek step shows, but precious few realize that figures as varied as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and Taraji P. Henson, Thurgood Marshall, Senator Kamala Harris, Bomani Jones and Bill Rhoden attended HBCU’s at the undergraduate or graduate levels.