Dr. Dale Sheptak

Academic Advisory Board


Dr. Sheptak provides a unique blend of sports industry, academic, and human resource management expertise. 

Dr. Sheptak brings a wealth of knowledge in the sports industry with 20 years of experience in the start-up and administration of sports-related businesses. In addition to starting and owning two sports-related companies, he has consulted on the formation and re-engineering of many others ranging from youth sports to health clubs and athletic facilities. Dr. Sheptak has presented and published both nationally and internationally on sport labor, the role of volunteers in sports organizations, event management and policy, and issues in youth sport.

As a sociologist, Dr. Sheptak focuses on the role of sport in education and how/if sport adds or detracts from the education system’s role of preparing young athletes for life and work. Dr. Sheptak also focuses on, what he calls, the “commodification of youth athletes” and how youth sport as a business model is changing the way we coach and develop young athletes. He is also active in researching precarious labor in the sport industry.
Additionally, Dr. Sheptak has over 15 years of training and human resources experience, both as a consultant and as a practitioner, holding positions with a major consultancy firm in Northeast Ohio and management positions with a major national retailer, an international software development start-up, and a multinational banking corporation. He has been instrumental in creating and implementing successful skills development programs, supervisory and management programs, distance learning initiatives, and product specific programs.
Dr. Sheptak earned a Doctorate in Social Sciences and a Master of Science degree from the University of Leicester, England. He is an Associate Professor of Sport Management at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio and a partner at Sixth City Sport and Entertainment LLC.