The venture capital community already recognizes that industries that focus on meeting the demand of minority communities while also appealing to a mainstream audience can generate outsized returns. These returns are often accompanied by shifts towards equity for historically underserved populations. College athletics is a prime example of an industry set for a shift: The industry is large, the inequity is staggering, and the cross-over appeal is already in place.

Many investors also want to combine these excellent financial returns with the benefit of having a positive social impact simultaneously. Plus, positive social impact is a long-term risk mitigation strategy. In fact, quite the opposite is true: positive social impact is a long-term risk mitigation strategy. Companies that bring short-term returns at the expense of ethical or moral character will eventually implode. 2017 has shown us that a deficit when it comes to ethics can ruin a company more quickly than can a lack of technical or financial reserves.

Our mission is longer term, and more important than immediate quarterly returns, and so it is important that we select investors that match our desire to responsibly manage equitable wealth creation for our customers, while being a net-positive addition to the communities and the institutions that we serve. Most of the institutions that we serve are over 100 years old. They will still be with us 100 years from today and profits from the HBL can help ensure their future success. The wealth that we will generate for our athletes will have positive outcomes for generations. We believe that the HBL represents the best model for educating and compensating college athletes for the next century or more.

The space is complex, and intersects higher education, technology, media, law, and antitrust. We have assembled the strongest leadership team in this space to simplify and address the problems. As a result of building the strongest team for the mission, our leadership team is demographically diverse.

We are looking for mission-aligned investment partners that would like to take this journey with us. If you would like to help us achieve our mission, please contact us at: