maintain ncaa/naia affiliation

Each participating team in the HBL will be structured as a club team on each member institution's campus. As a result, each member school will be able to maintain its current NCAA/NAIA and conference affiliation.

Scholarship Fund & Annual Distribution

The HBL will fund twelve scholarships at each member institution for the HBL players on campus. Additionally, each member institution will receive a proportional annual distribution from the HBL's gross basketball revenue.


Athletes employed by the hbl

All participating athletes will be employed by and receive their salaries from the HBL. The HBL will work with each member institution to ensure that these players meet the schools’ academic standards in the recruitment process and after enrollment. The HBL’s summer schedule will also maximize HBL athletes' time on campus, in the community, and the classroom.

Licensing the brands

Leveraging the great collegiate brands that already exist, the HBL will partner with a major apparel company to develop new HBL-specific logos consistent with each member's identity and commercialize the HBL-licensed intellectual property through on-court apparel and fan gear.  It’s time for America and the world to wear more HBCU swag.


recruit elite basketball talent

The HBL's recruiting focus will be on elite basketball talent, with a blend of "one and done" players and four-year starters. These talented players will reinvigorate the alumni base of our schools because they will be a primary news focus in sports.

Business to business opportunities

Through the HBL's licensing arm, each member school will be paired with a corporate partner as a jersey sponsor. In addition, the member schools will have access to the corporate portfolio of the HBL for additional B2B opportunities.


The "Flutie EffecT"

The exposure that the HBL and each member school will receive through our streaming agreement and daily news coverage will result in what some economists call the "Flutie Effect." Our schools will see an increase in applications, donations, opportunities on campus for non-athletes, and more. This will potentially help drive higher enrollment at our member schools.

Title ix contributions

After reaching out to the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, the HBL believes that salary payments to athletes are included within Title IX regulations, and as such, the HBL will make proportional contributions to female athletes on campus in the short run. In the long term, we envision adding women's basketball and soccer as HBL sports.


If you would like to meet with the Leadership Team about becoming a member institution of the HBL, please contact us at: