The HBL Advantage

Beginning with men's basketball, the HBL will compensate its college athletes, forming a true partnership instead of simply imposing commercially exploitative terms. Rather than using the fact that approximately 98% of men's basketball players in college do not reach the NBA as an excuse to deny paying them while in college, the HBL will encourage its athletes to make the most of the professional opportunities they generate while college basketball. The HBL will treat each individual athlete as a single-member LLC – in other words, we will assist them in building a personal and professional brand that will extend on and off the court, so that each can "build their business" without waiting for a mythical payday that may never come. 

Understanding that more goes into the selection of a university than just basketball, here is a list of the benefits that our athletes will receive for participating in the HBL:

  • Earn a salary (approximately $50,000-150,000 per season).ª

  • Receive a five-year scholarship (need-based, academic, and athletic-style scholarships will be available).

  • The ability to sign with an agent without jeopardizing eligibility.

  • Group licensing opportunities through the HBL and its corporate partners.ªª

  • The opportunity to sign individual endorsement agreements and to monetize social media accounts while playing college athletics.

  • Participation in workshops and seminars on topics such as: financial literacy, insurance policies, and more.

  • Visibility with professional scouts and fans through the HBL streaming/broadcast agreement and the HBL app.

  • Be better prepared for the NBA by playing NBA-style rules (four 12-minute quarters, NBA three-point line, 24-second shot clock, etc.).

  • With the HBL games being played in the summer, the athletes will not miss class for weeks at a time, putting them at an academic disadvantage in comparison to their non-athlete peers.

  • Opportunity to participate in the HBL’s annual Winter International All-Star Tour, which will see our players play in Europe and Asia.

ªYes, this salary will be taxed, but wouldn't you rather have taxable income (and a scholarship) than no income at all?

ªªIsn't it about time for a college basketball video game to return to the market? We can accomplish this with the HBL while paying royalties to our athletes.